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Here are some newer and some older pictures from life on our farm. We hope you enjoy them.

Blueberries need lots of care, here we are adding aged sawdust.

We often use a tiller to destroy weeds.

The leaves of the Blueberry plants turn red in late fall.

Micaiah finds a nest of Garden helpers... What are they???

Lady Bugs!

The holes for the fence posts need to be 2 feet deep.

It is a good idea to have help when building a fence.

We used the tractor to help pull the fence wire tight.

It is fun putting rocks in buckets!?!

It seems like we spend much time removing rocks.

That's why mommy couldn't get the hand spade to dig a hole for the strawberry plant daddy. There was a BIG rock underneath the soil!

Driving the ATV is much more exciting than picking up rocks daddy.

Now we get to put white rocks into the soil? (Crushed calcium from our local quarry.)

Honey, can you figure out a better way of doing this?

We need to experiment with time saving and environmentally friendly irrigation methods.

This is called the Solar Force Piston pump, it runs off of batteries and works great, especially
since we seem to have frequent power outages in our area.

Two medium sized solar panels, that produce about 75 watts each is sufficient for this highly efficient solar pump.

Drip Tape is great for the Environment it saves water.

Drip Irrigation Tape saves water.

The Drip Tape comes in large rolls that have to be rolled out either by hand or by machine. We do it by hand.
We use the heavier duty tape so we can use it year after year.

This spinout filter, sometimes called a sand separator filter, prolongs the life of our drip tape.
(Also on the left hand side of the picture you can see a pressure reducer, the pressure
needs to be reduced to about 10 P.S.I.)

Here you can see the drip tape on a new blackberry row. In between the black berry plants we decided to plant other things like
cabbage. When the blackberry plants get larger we won't be planting other plants in between them.

We even use the drip irrigation on our corn.

and on Zucchini.

Using drip irrigation helps us have less weeding to do.

Lots of fresh water is also important for farmers young and old.

We take our strawberries to the Farmer's Market in Colville on Wednesdays.

A trunk load of Strawberries sure makes the car smell nice!

When have lots of different strawberries for people to try.

Strawberries are one of our specialties.

But we grow more than just strawberries.

People frequently tell us that our sweet corn is the sweetest they have ever had.

Besides eating and selling our produce, we preserve it for the winter months.
Lisa is an expert canner, her jars almost always seal correctly.
Micaiah learns how to can green beans.

Micaiah likes to watch the corn grow!

Mommy tries out her brand new wagon!

Lisa also has been gardening since she was little.

John's been learning how to garden later in life. He spent his younger years running in circles.

Micaiah learns how to use the implements of agriculture at an early age.

Our youngest son Elijah, just a few months old, gets a lesson on how to plant seeds.

Elijah thinks working in the garden is great fun!

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